Setting: The year is 1859, two years before Civil War will break out in America. Sweetwater is a small town in the Nebraska Territory (today's Wyoming), a lawless place with no established governance near the end of the Oregon Trail. Despite this, Sweetwater is the last bastion of civilisation before crossing the Rocky Mountains...

We offer you:

  • Four days of live action roleplay in a Wild West setting (7th to 10th July 2022)
  • In Bavaria, Germany - link to location here
  • An authentic western town including a Saloon and outdoor kitchen
  • Exciting stories, drama and a stylish setting
  • In-character accommodation ranging from lodges and apartments to in-character or OOC camping areas
  • An experience suitable for German and international players
  • A story tailored to your original character ideas
  • Have no idea for an original character? No problem. We provide a pre-written character tailored to the story instead
Player - external accommodation: 100 €
Player - Camping: 140 €
Player - Lodge: 190 €
Player - Apartment: 240 €
Payment received after 30th April 2022: +30 €
Members of Hibernia e.V.: -15 €

NPCs by prior agreement only.
Infants (ie, children who can't walk yet) free
Children up to 5 years 30 €; Children up to 12 years depending on accomodation;
Teenagers up to 18 years pay full price.
Minors sign up like adult participants and have to be accompanied by an adult supervising person. Day guests 50 € and by prior agreement only.

Please contact
for any questions about the event and registration!


Photo UntPhoto Unterkunft Western LARPerkunft Western LArp
Photo: Andrea Thorn / Hibernia e.V.

Camping area, with access to toilet and shower facilities; with a choice of in-character or out of character camping; some are in connection with paddocks or a roofed shelter.

Lodges and cottages are furnished in an in-game style and we encourage in-character usage: Please let us know your ideas before or after registration! Lodges are rooms with a queen size double bed (140 cms) to share with anotehr participant (please name in registration form) and exit onto the covered boardwalk; cottages have their own toilets, bathrooms and kitchens with most bedrooms facing to the back.

Participants who prefer to stay off-site can find hotels, B&Bs and a caravan camping place nearby.

Food is not included in the registration fee. If you want to offer food in any form as part of your character concept, please get in touch with us.


Photo von Schule im WesternLARP
Photo: Moritz Jendral & Atakanies e.V.

Original characters and plots are welcome, alternatively we can provide a character written by us specifically tailored for the planned plot, we welcome your input and will do our best to take your preferences into account. Original characters must to fit into the planned setting with story hooks to tie them into the events. To avoid character overlap we may change or reject your character submission after consulting with you and work to find something that fits.

Currently, Sweetwater hosts:

  • Residents and traders looking to make a profit off travellers on the trail, or any other reason to stay put in Sweetwater.
  • Settlers on their way to Oregon or California.
  • Gold prospectors on their way to Pike's Peak, three weeks to the south in the rough Rocky Mountains. Rumour has it that a fresh vein of gold was found over winter.
  • Mormons passing through on their way to the Great Salt Lake, where they want to settle with the prophet Brigham Young. The Mormons are considered dangerous: two years ago the Mormons and the Paiute Indians killed 150 settlers travelling past the Salt Lake from Utah to California. On the other hand, they are diligent workers and prejudice is usually directed towards "the other Mormons" - not the one standing in front of you.
  • Trappers, scouts and hunters from the Rockies. Quite a few have family or friends among the local Shoshone and Cheyenne* tribes. Sometimes the natives visit Sweetwater themselves, although it is considered dangerous to enter a white settlement.
  • Workers for the construction of the new road this summer. It is supposed to shorten the Oregon Trail by a week by following the old Indian paths through the northern Rockies.
  • Returnees from the California gold rush: former serfs, profiteers and losers. Although, the really rich people opt to travel east via Panama.
  • Cowboys and drovers bringing animals (cows, donkeys and - yes - turkeys) from east to west or on their way back east.

    * After consultation with the Native American Association of Germany, we do not allow Native American characters but such roles with close relation to Native American Nations.


Photo Frau mit Schrotflinte
Photo: Moritz Jendral

You are responsible for the fun of the others. Keep this principle in mind when considering all your actions in the game. You can play hard, even mean and nasty, but do it with the desire to provide something for your fellow players. This is especially true when taking out other characters.

Your contribution. We do this on a volunteer basis and make no money from the event. Club members, organizers and NPCs do this for fun. Therefore, everyone, including the players, should contribute something! (And we do ask for this during registration.)

Help. We ask participants to help us with dismantling after the event and also during the event: Many hands make small work! If you see that something is missing somewhere, take care of it. If someone is carrying something heavy, lend a hand. Leave the place clean. You know the drill!


Photo Halunken
Photo: Moritz Jendral & Atakanies e.V.

Ragged and dirty. We would like all characters to be ragged and dirty if possible. The opportunities to buy new clothes in-game are all far, far away from Sweetwater and dirt is just part of the style!

Clichés are important. Kit, clothing and appearance should fit the character. People should be able to tell what you are; live the stereotype (but be respectful of minorities)!

I have nothing to wear! Contact us if this is your first WesternLARP or if you are missing kit items. We will try our best to help you.


Photo Shootout WesternLARP
Photo: Moritz Jendral & Atakanies e.V.

Basically, we play by "the two rules":

  1. If someone approaches you with an action, show a plausible reaction: Play something, anything, but play.
  2. When you approach someone with an action, don't expect any particular reaction. Accept what the other person makes of it.

In addition, some conventions apply:

Out-of-game and in-game (German: Outtime and Intime). The entire western town is in-game except for restrooms, showers, saloon kitchen, NPC tent, and parking. All permanent accommodations in the town are part of the play area and are to be used and made available to other players in-game whenever possible (for example, in the context of business, gambling, or a tea party). Please respect if someone does not want to play in their bedroom, especially if the player is taking time off/sleeping. Also, please be considerate of sleeping children. A word of warning: some of the in-game accommodations go out to the main road, so noise on the road can be heard in the accommodations as well.
All tents pitched outside the town proper are not part of the game.

Languages. As German players may want to play characters from anglosaxon countries (and vice versa), when a player speaks another language, just treat it broadly as "another language" without inferring character background.

Hausmarke. Code word for in-game alcohol, which is non-alcoholic out of game.

Silberdollar / Silver Dollars. Code word for Euros.

Masking. Those who are masked cannot be recognized. Masking is essential for robberies or other racketeering. If you put a scarf over your face or wear a mask, you are masked and cannot be recognized. Eyewitnesses to the villainy cannot provide information about the person, clothing, or equipment, but can make a composite sketch.

Firearms. Yes, the weight of a revolver at your side feels cool and we are basically playing make-belief (for adults). But a firearm is the final escalation stage, after which, there is not much room before things become final. We want to encourage players who have been shot at to play hurt, or have their character die. It doesn't feel good at first, but can result in great drama. We'll also help with a new character to get you back into game, we promise!

Pinning. Drawing a weapon and pointing it at someone is already a clear threat. Therefore, we have the "pinning rule": as long as the barrel of a firearm is pointed at you, you are doomed to passivity. The shooter therefore "pins" his opponent. The latter can neither run away, scream, nor do anything except remain motionless, talk calmly (negotiate, whine for mercy, ...) and wait until the barrel of the shotgun lowers... - or a shot is fired! This is true even though the gun may not be loaded.

Misfires in a shootout are to be interpreted as the shooter being hit by a bullet, as many shots are overlooked or overheard (and one can also accidentally have shot herself/himself in the foot)!

Safety Rules

Photo Pferd
Photo: Andrea Thorn / Hibernia e.V.

Behaviour around animals. Animals are never to be frightened; watch out for horses and cows in play! Do only  enter paddocks with permission of the owners of the animals; but you may feed the sheep with picked grass.

Firearms. We only allow guns that use toy cap gun ammo, both actual toys as well as decorative weapons, but no blank guns or homemade caps. If you are not sure, please ask before the event.

Cutting/Piercing Weapons. We only allow LARP padded weapons, no latex full-cast weapons etc. Decoration weapons that are not to be used in combat situations must be cleared with us prior to the event.

No sexual violence as a game element. Neither as part of background stories, nor as a threat, or game element. This is to protect players who have experienced such things before and/or might feel hurt by them.

Racism/Sexism/religious discrimination. Westerns as a genre come from a time when sexist and racist stereotypes were seen as far less problematic. The genre is a romantic fantasy that was used to transfigure genocide and discrimination into America's founding myth in the 20th century. This is not something we can or want to ignore. Nevertheless, it is difficult to imagine the genre without racism and sexism: tact is required!
If you want to include racist, religious or sexist prejudices in your game, you have to do it responsibly. Think about how you enrich the game with it and be mindful of others. We are available for discussions in advance. Out of game we are committed to equality and against racism. Everyone can play what they want to play, regardless of skin colour or gender; however we reserve the right to reject concepts that we deem insensitive.

Alcohol and drugs. It can happen that you shouldn't have had that last drink. At that moment, you definitely do not belong in the active event. Illegal drugs have no place at our event whatsoever.

Location pictures

Getting there from abroad

The site is closer to Frankfurt airport than to Munich airport, and even closer to the more regional airports of Stuttgart, Memmingen and Nuremberg. If you come directly from the airport to the event, we recommend a rental car - or that you get in touch to find out if another participant could pick you up - rather than trains, which take quite a while. We are happy to help you with any planning for your travel.
The site is easily reachable by car, with good streets and dedicated on-site parking. We can also accomodate caravans on site, and if you want more infrastructure, but there is also a fully equipped caravan park on the grounds adjacent to the site.
Coming by train is however also a possibility, it may just take a bit longer, but trains are reliable, have good infrastructure and views and changeovers are nice.
The site is close to the historic medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and if you come from abroad, you may consider including a holiday in Bavaria. We are happy to recommend a few must-see spots for your trip!

On site

Photo Saloon "End of the Trail"
Photo: Andrea Thorn / Hibernia e.V.

Corona. We require players to be completely vaccinated or get proof of recent COVID recovery; at check-in a certificate for a negative antigen or PCR test, no older than 24 hours, must also be presented. Please ask us if you need help! Those who cannot be vaccinated must contact us in advance (ie, children). We reserve the right to refuse or send home participants with cold symptoms, in case of doubtful test results or unclear status, in order to make the event as safe as possible for everyone. More details about hygiene on site will be provided before the event.

Open Fire. No open fires in the accommodations (lodges and cottages): please bring LED lamps for atmospheric intimate lighting!

Bringing animals. Animals may only be brought by prior arrangement with us. Dogs must be leashed on the premises at all times. For horses, we have paddocks, hay, straw, and open stalls that we heavily subsidize - we welcome participants who want to bring horses!

Damages. The western town has been lovingly furnished in an authentic way, partly with real antiques. This is the first LARP of the landlords. Please treat the furniture with care and let us know immediately if something is broken or damaged, so that we will be allowed back.

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